Advanced Certificate in QuickBooks Training

Accounting software that manages your customers, vendors, clients, inventory and finances. QuickBooks automates many aspects of managing your business by calculating sales tax, tracking products and automatically updating transactions in your register, customer and vendor areas.


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About This Course

Become a certified accountant with a practical training in QuickBooks accounting software. QuickBooks training will equip the trainees to be more efficient and effective in their day to day duties and reporting to their specific stakeholders. This training will also aid in decision making since reports will be produced as required.


What you will learn

  • Technical Knowledge on how to use QuickBooks starting from creation of a company.
  • Bank Reconciliation and Petty cash recognition in QuickBooks.
  • Development of a chart of accounts in QuickBooks.
  • Recognition of different projects by use of classes in QuickBooks.
  • Knowledge on how to recognise income and expenses in QuickBooks.
  • Prepare budgets in QuickBooks.
  • Recognition of payrolls inclusive of all employee benefits plus tax compliance in QuickBooks system.
  • Knowledge on how to recognise assets in QuickBooks system. This comprised of recognition of assets at cost, depreciation of assets, accumulated depreciation and disposal of assets.
  • Transaction on accrual basis and how to recognise advances made as per GAAP.
  • Making journal entries in QuickBooks, writing checks and Transferring of funds from one account to the other for example transferring of Bank withdraws from specific bank accounts to Petty cash.
  • Knowledge on how to recognise and track Payables in the System this involves entering Bills and Paying of Bills.
  • Deriving reports from the system (QuickBooks), this involves learning how to derive individual reports say running a report on a specific account for analysis and reconciliations.

Who Should study this course

  • Accounting students
  • Employers & Employees
  • Non-Government organisations

Meet your Facilitator

  • Duration:

4 weeks

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  • Cost:

Ugandans: UGX 550,000
International: USD 200

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