Advanced Certificate in Transport and Fleet Management

Transportation & Fleet Management activities account for over 70% of an organization’s supply chain costs.

It is critical that organizations get the transport and fleet management function right to meet personnel mobility needs, provide maintenance operations and execute successful delivery of goods and materials. 

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About This Course

Fleet management covers the selection of vehicles and equipment and the setting up of systems and procedures necessary to monitor and manage a fleet of vehicles.

This course aims to provide fleet managers and executives practical lessons and best practice strategies in transport and fleet management.

We deliver this course in a highly interactive and practical tutorial format supported and illustrated through a combination of real-life case studies and  hypothetical scenarios

What you will gain

  • Learn how to develop an effective fleet management model, system and strategy
  • Learn how to improve process management and achieve process optimization in transport and vehicle fleet management.
  • Be in position to improve life-cycle and maintenance management for fleets.   
  • Understand finance and cost management of vehicle fleets.
  • Learn and understand Safety Management of Vehicle Fleets.
  • Understand how to comply and adapt to regulations for vehicle fleet management.
  • You will have best Practice Fleet Performance Review, Measurement, Bench marking & Reporting.
  • You will learn to leverage technology including telematics, fleet management information systems, big data and automotive technology to enhance vehicle fleet management.
  • Increase overall fleet cost & operational effectiveness by developing a fleet management improvement plan.

What you will learn

  • Introduction to transport & fleet management
  • Transport strategy & managing transport providers
  • Modes of transport
  • Planning Goods’ movement, destinations, and routes
  • The function of fleet management
  • Setting up a fleet
  • Ownership (Choosing the right vehicle, procurement info, insurance etc)
  • Managing fleets
  • Utilization of vehicle fleets
  • Maintenance of fleet of vehicles
  • Fuel Management
  • Fleet Safety (Accidents analysis, road safety training)
  • Environmental control
  • Drivers’ Management

Target Group

  • Freight and Logistics industries.
  • Oil and Gas industries.
  • Manufacturing industries.
  • Warehouse Distribution companies.
  • Automotive industries.
  • Institution/ Organization department heads from areas of the above given industries
  • Mining Industries
  • Food and Beverage Industires

Meet your Facilitator

  • Duration:

4 weeks

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  • Cost:

USD 300 – Uganda
USD 600 – International

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